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Sara Plowman


IFBB Pro Sarah Plowman

IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete
Coach: by James Ayotte- Team Atlas

My love for the stage started in 2015  where I earned my 1st Overall trophy at the Muscle Beach Fall Classic. I have competed in 10 shows in total including 4 National stages and every time I thrive to be better than my last. My goal for 2021 is to finally earn my IFBB PRO card in bikini and I won’t stop until I do so.

Facts about me:
* I love being a hockey mom.
* I love date nights with my husband.
* I love oreo McFlurries.
* I love coffee
* I am a grandmother
* I was born in Thailand 🇹🇭
* I didn’t speak a word of English until I was 10 years old.
* My favorite day is back day.

Photo Credit- Zoom Image Pros

Cody Drobot


IFBB Pro Cody Drobot

IFBB Pro Men’s 212 Bodybuilding
Coach: Neil Hill
Proudly partnered with:
Team Y3T
Steel Supplements
Bombshell Productions
Athlete codes:
Steel supplements: CD10
From the small town of Irma, Alberta. I grew up playing baseball for most of my life where my passion for health and fitness grew before making the transition to competitive bodybuilding in 2014. I competed at the National & International level as an amateur before earning Pro status in 2019. I look forward to making my IFBB Professional debut in 2021
Photo Credit- Twixpix  Photography

Nicole Drobot


IFBB Pro Nicole Drobot

IFBB Pro Figure Athlete

Coach: Isaac Baier 

Work: Self taught Make Up Artist and certified microblading/microshading tech, I have my own business for makeup & microblading. I’ve been competing since 2015 in bikini and in 2018 I made the switch to figure. 

Athlete For:
Serenity Official- Nicole

Favourite body part to train:
Shoulders & back

Favourite Supplements: 
Steel Supplements Peanut Butter Veg-Pro protein, Shredded-AF, Strawberry Watermelon Pumped-AF, N.O.7 Pump, Candy Bliss ADA-Bolic 

Im a huge fan of donuts and coffee. Breakfast dates at IHOP with my fiancé Cody. Talking to my dog Benjamin because he’s my fav lil dude.

Photo Credit- Zoom Image Pros

Alfred Voit


IFBB Pro Alfred Voit

IFBB Pro Men’s Physique

Coach: Ryan Richardson- Team Ignite

Alfred Voit is one of Canada’s newest IFBB Pros, in October of 2018 he earned his Pro card at the Canadian National Pro Qualifier in Toronto, Ontario. As an amateur physique competitor Alfred quickly rose through the qualifying rounds to become a national level athlete doing 12 competitions in under 3 years.

Recently he competed internationally in the UK and United States winning multiple titles including second place at the 2018 Amateur Olympia, in Las Vegas, Nevada. His new coach Ryan Richardson has been with him for the past two competitions elevating him to a Pro level status.

Alfred just turned 46 and isn’t letting up, he and his coach are planning his Pro debut for the 2019 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters in August. His super clean diet is full of whole foods and supplements provided by multiple brands such as ANS, Allmax, Cellucor and Dymatize. Shoulders are Alfred’s favorite body part to train, he believes they are the frame of the picture in the art of bodybuilding.

Photo Credit- Cherie C Photography


Justin Jensen

Justin Jensen

Men’s Bodybuilding Athlete

Coach: Iain Valliere

Bombshell Productions

Favourite body part to train
Legs all the way

I’m a bodybuilder who enjoys cardio, weird right? I just like that time so I can catch up on my reading. Multitasking!!!!!

I have always been an active person, living the country life in the middle of no where by small town Magrath Alberta. I was always active on the acreage with track sports and dance. I used to be extremely competitive in dance, winning many competitions, and just working my butt off to get better in my talent. Also active in theatre productions with a recent role as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. So when people ask me in the bodybuilding world if I get nervous getting on stage for a competition, I say “nah, I’ve been on the stage so many times, it’s second nature. Just need to make sure my glutes are shredded and I’m ready to rock!”
I love being in the bodybuilding world, I love the challenge and I love the drive. I also hope that I can inspire many others to follow their dreams and/or live an awesome wellness lifestyle, whether if they bodybuild or not! Hearing the words “you’ve inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle” is the biggest trophy I could ever receive!

Photo Credit- Zoom Image Pros

Cy Gascon


IFBB Pro Cy Gascon

Men’s Classic Physique Athlete

Coach: Ryan Richardson- Team Ignite

I pretty much started my sports/fitness journey when I was at a young age. I did track, basketball, soccer, swimming, and many more. Unfortunately, I tore my ACL playing soccer when I was 18 and I had to find an alternative. It took me a while but found I finally it in bodybuilding.

I started my bodybuilding journey in 2013 while finishing my nursing degree. After graduating, I decided to compete in 2014 in men’s physique with no coach nor any experience whatsoever. Did relatively well but didn’t think I would pursue competing.

I took a 2 year hiatus then found out about classic physique and competed again in 2017 with Ryan as my coach from Team Ignite Fitness. I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been competing every year since then and aiming to win my pro card. My journey is still ongoing and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon and hopefully hit the Olympia stage in the near future.

Favorite body part to train: shoulder/back

Favorite cheat meal: pizza AND burgers

Favorite workout music: metal

Photo Credit- BodyGraphics Photography/ NPC News Online


Rosie Stodalka


IFBB Pro Rosie Stodalka

IFBB Pro Wellness Athlete
Coach: Troy Thornton

Being overweight at 17, an old man told her to start doing sit ups because her stomach stuck out a little too much. It was a sad start to her fitness journey, but if he could only see her now.

Starting from doing P90X workouts at home with no athletic background, being too embarrassed to ever step foot into a gym, enrolling in a personal trainer course, gaining the confidence to sign up for her first bodybuilding competition in 2018, Rosie has come a long way in her fitness journey. She has competed at four bodybuilding competitions since then with one being in Australia while she lived there on a working holiday VISA. Rosie is someone who is relentless in pursuit of her goals and has no plans of slowing down.

Her goal right now is to turn into an IFBB Pro and travel the world to compete. Competing at her first CPA show July 2021, she swiftly took the Wellness Overall qualifying her to compete at the 2021 Canadian Pro Qualifier in Toronto this September where she will battle for her pro card.

Rosie resides in Calgary, Alberta where she works at a hospital as a therapy assistant and an online coach. She is extremely passionate about helping her clients and patients get stronger to improve their overall quality of life.

Her favourite body part to train is legs and she can squat three plates. The Wellness division is the perfect balance between femininity and strength which Rosie’s physique fits perfectly.

Photo Credit- Twixpix Photography


Mustafa Samir

Mustafa Samir

Men’s Physique Athlete

Coach: Bhuwan Chauhan- Team Bhuwan

I have always been into sports and always excelled in sports, I’ve played high school soccer, basketball and football and university soccer as well. I started working out at the age of 14 focusing on bodybuilding  and also to feel comfortable since I was around 120lbs when I first started lifting regularly. A few years after, I started competing in MMA and before getting ready for my first MMA pro fight I ended up partially tearing my MCL and transitioned into competing into bodybuilding shows and ended up doing extremely well in 2017 earning my natural pro card. After that, I decided to take two years and add more size and do my first open show in 2019 in which I ended up winning my class and coming up short in the overalls. I intend to keep improving and the next time I step on stage I’ll make sure I get that overalls title.

Photo Credit- Zoom Images Pros

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