Meet the Team


Jenna Koller

I’ve been a fitness enthusiast since I was quite young, working out in my basement with my older brother.  I began going to bodybuilding shows in 1992 and have a great deal of admiration for anyone who steps on stage.

Many of my friends who are doing shows ask where to get their suits, shoes, jewelry and other essentials needed for the stage. I discovered there wasn’t a “one-stop” shop for everything a competitor needs. With my friend Tara, a costume design specialist, we decided we wanted to make sure every athlete had access to the essentials they would need for their competitions. We are now able to provide these. 

Bombshell Productions Inc. is proud to offer anything you would need for your journey to the stage. We have put a lot of care and consideration to ensure every athlete feels beautiful on stage where they can showcase all their hard work and dedication. 

We will be developing more services as our business grows and evolves. We want to be your ” GO-TO ” source for anything you need for competing. Thank you for including us in your fitness journey. We look forward to helping you shine on stage!