Meet the Team


Jenna Koller

I’ve been a fitness enthusiast since I was quite young, working out in my basement with my older brother.  I began going to bodybuilding shows in 1992 and have a great deal of admiration for anyone who steps on stage.

Many of my friends who are doing shows ask where to get their suits, shoes, jewelry and other essentials needed for the stage. I discovered there wasn’t a “one-stop” shop for everything a competitor needs. With my friend Tara, a costume design specialist, we decided we wanted to make sure every athlete had access to the essentials they would need for their competitions. We are now able to provide these. 

Bombshell Productions Inc. is proud to offer anything you would need for your journey to the stage. We have put a lot of care and consideration to ensure every athlete feels beautiful on stage where they can showcase all their hard work and dedication. 

We will be developing more services as our business grows and evolves. We want to be your ” GO-TO ” source for anything you need for competing. Thank you for including us in your fitness journey. We look forward to helping you shine on stage!

Costume Designer

Tara Grant

I was a former National level competitor, coach and fitness enthusiast. I have been actively involved in the Provincial and National Level Fitness scene since 1998.  After I retired from fitness competitions, I began designing custom suits for athletes.  Along with Jenna, I have a desire to help fitness athletes look and feel their best. We understand the amount of time, energy and discipline that goes into stepping on stage. Your shapewear is one of the most important details of your journey to the stage. We want to ensure your physique is displayed beautifully.

I am an ISA certified Stage Coach and we offer “posing” clinics for athletes preparing to compete. Additionally we provide seminars to help athletes explore whether competition is the right option for them.

I have designed all of our suits. They range from Bikini Model, Figure, Fitness, Physique, or Bodybuilding suits.  Each category has specific suit requirements.  We will ensure your suit is appropriate for the federation and class you will be competing in.

We have a variety of “ready to go” rental suits as well as custom design options.

Whether you have a theme in mind for your fitness costume or you are looking for a unique concept design, we can help. We begin the process with a simple sketch, allowing you to add your own ideas and details.  This process ensures your design is one-of-a-kind and specifically suited to you.

Finding a gown that will fit like a glove at contest time can be challenging.  I have a keen understanding of how a body changes over the course of contest prep and I’m able to foresee where and how a dress may need to be altered.  Custom gown design is popular and certainly available.

We also provide alteration services which include: gowns, costumes, and additional embellishment for suits.

We are excited you’ve chosen us to help you get stage ready.

Makeup Artist

Amanda Rampersaud

Working in the makeup industry for over ten years, combined with passion, dedication and professionalism is what makes Amanda Rampersaud the makeup artist she is today. Her creativity and love for working one on one with her clients has given her an abundance of amazing opportunities. From applying makeup for weddings, graduations and drag style, to going full out for fashion shows and photo shoots, she loves doing it all!

Amanda is a self taught makeup artist who also went to obtain her Makeup Artistry Certification at Calgary’s MC College. Since then she has been a brand ambassador and freelance artist for both Stila Cosmetics and Smashbox Cosmetics, as well as having the opportunity to work backstage doing runway makeup for ‘YYC Fashion Week’.  During her weekends she works as the Makeup Instructor for Eveline Charles Academy where she is truly rewarded by teaching her students and helping them grow to become amazing makeup artists.

Amanda’s makeup philosophy is that all makeup should be used to empower women to be their best self, whether it’s a day where they are on stage performing, or they are doing a boudoir photoshoot,  even just a creative look, or they’re headed out to do errands and be the superwomen they are – they should apply their makeup in a way that empowers them and makes them feel strong and beautiful!.



Where do I start? Playboy Yes…Playboy, My favourite magazine since I was 14. I idolized the women of Playboy for years. I respected their beauty and admired their bravery. With my massive collection of Playboys I moved onto modelling when I was 16. Calgary, Ottawa,Toronto and Los Angeles. Modelling was my passion! Music Videos, Magazines, Tv Shows, Commercials all the fun!

I was also a Bartender for 15 years, I’ve met the most amazing people from that experience and also some of my best friends. Jenna and I had worked together years ago and always had fun.  After 10 years in-front of the camera, I found interest being behind it. In 2015 I began my photography career. In 2017 Jenna and I met for lunch and talked about our vision for a collaboration photoshoot.

In 2018 we officially teamed up to offer a different type of photoshoot. I have worked with many photographers during my modelling career and really wanted to do something special and unique. Jenna and I worked out the details and we created the Bombshell Photoshoots. We strive to ensure the day is special for everyone. We have a lot of laughs and of course get some gorgeous pictures. We offer a lot of things that are unique to our events such as gift bags and a video of your time with us.

I’m a published photographer and I’m passionate about my work. I love making men and women feel amazing, and I love creating gorgeous images! Traveling, Family, Friends, Concerts, Cats and Photography are all things that I enjoy. I look forward to working with you!



Mike Soze is a self taught freelance videographer, editor, colorist and producer with 15+ years of experience working on his own and other peoples projects ranging from a Playboy Golf to nightlife promotions, commercial and corporate work to music videos and everything else in between.

Currently he is still freelancing while pursuing other larger ventures including Rocswell Radio, a modern era record label or artist services venture with his business partner DJ Rocswell as well as doing live productions ranging from nightclub events to corporate galas and music festivals.

His unique eye and commitment to quality has set his work apart from others in the industry.

Hair and Makeup

Trisha Gader

Trisha Gader is a Hair Instructor at NIWE, where she passionately trains hairstylists!

 Trisha is also a Certified Makeup Artist and has been featured in online magazines
namely Lilac and Elegant publications. 

Trisha’s goal in life is to make everyone feel beautiful and live their lives to the
absolute fullest with the most confidence! Life is too short to have boring hair!
Her motto is: If something is getting you down, just throw some glitter on it!

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