4″ Heels


**Please note that posing shoes may take up to three weeks to be delivered to you if we do not have a particular size or style in stock**

***Please note athletes are responsible to know the Shoe Regulations for the federation they compete with***

All of our Shoes are a 4-5'' heel. However we can special order higher platform heels. Please contact us for more information on special orders. When ordering shoes it is recommended to go down a size to ensure the heel fits snug for show day. The plastic will stretch as you wear them. We recommend wearing your shoes at least an hour a day to break them in. To care for your shoes after show day you can use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean the surface tan from the sole and plastic. To mold your heels you can heat the plastic up with a blow dryer for a few seconds so your shoes are easier to put on. 

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