Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Bombshell Productions Inc. the goal is giving the best customer service we possible can. This includes getting you the best most up to date information. Have a look through our FAQs first, but if your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to Contact Us.

Shoes FAQs

Can I return shoes for a different size?

Yes, we accept returns. You may return your items for store credit which can be used for anything on our site. As long as the shoes have not been worn around/outside we will take them back. If shoes have been worn they are no longer sanitary for resale.

How do I break in my shoes?

We recommend heating up the plastic for a few seconds with a blow dryer. This will help soften the plastic and will help your foot slide in more comfortably. Please keep in mind when the plastic is brand new it will feel tight at first. We strongly recommend wearing your shoes a minimum of 1 hour a day starting 8 weeks out from your show. The more you wear them the more they will begin to break in. Some athletes prefer to wear socks with them to help stretch the plastic. You want a snug fit for stage.

My shoes are too small, What can I do?

It sounds surprising but your feet will shrink as you lean out. We want to make sure your shoes fit well on stage. Not too tight but not too loose. We recommend getting shoes no earlier than 8 weeks out. If you feel your stage heels are too small we will happily exchange them a bigger size as long as they have not been worn. Below is an example of how your shoe should fit.

Do you carry wide heels?

Yes we have a few styles that have a wider foot bed. These styles are Becca, Bonnie and Breanne, Suneetaand Jenn.

What’s the best style for narrow feet?

We recommend the Ella or the Sophie.

What size of heels do most competitors wear?

Generally most competitors wear a 5″ heel. However we want you to feel comfortable in your shoes on stage. If you’d prefer to wear a smaller heel we can help you find the perfect one.

How do know if my shoes are too small?

If your heel is hanging off the back, then your shoes are too small.

I’m a first time competitor, what shoes do you recommend?

We want you to feel comfortable in your stage heels. It all depends on your personal style and preference. We advise our clients to choose a shoe you really love.

Will my federation allow your heels?

It is your responsibility to check your federations guidelines for heels. We are not responsible if your shoes do not pass inspection due to you not knowing the federations rules.

I’m a half size, should I go up or down?

We recommend doing a size down. Your feet will shrink as you lean out and we want to make sure your shoes fit come show day.

Are you available for shoe fittings in person?

Yes. Our home store is located in Edmonton. We do book appointments for personal shoe fittings across Alberta. Please contact us to arrange for your own shoe fittings to ensure we find the perfect pair of heels for you.

I am tall, do you recommend wearing a 5" heel?

The standard across most federations is a 5″ heel. However, if you are tall and feel a 4″ heel would work better for you that is ok too. We want you to feel confident and comfortable on stage. You will be competing against girls in your height class.

What if a stone comes loose on my shoes?

Any of our shoes with stones come with a small bag of replacement stones in the shoe box. To replace simply hold your stone with a pair of tweezers and heat the back of the stone up with a lighter. You can reapply the stone.

This is my first show, what else do I need?

suit, shoes, jewelry, robe, suit glue, glaze, tanning services/product, hair services/product, makeup services/product.

How long will my order take to receive?

1-2 weeks unless you request rush shipping. Extra charges apply.

Is it better to wear shoes with bling or plain heels?

It’s a good idea to pick a shoe you love. Either is great on stage but the most important thing is to feel confident in your shoes.

Do you have anything to make my shoes a half size smaller?

Yes we do have foot pads that can be inserted into the shoe.

Do you have detachable straps?

Yes we do have detachable straps that will work with most of our shoes.

Do you recommend a shoe with a built in strap or are detachable straps a better choice?

They both have their benefits. A built-in strap is comfortable and definitely provides more stability. But if the strap on your shoe breaks you have to replace the whole heel. If you get detachable straps, and the strap brakes you’re only replacing the strap.

How long do appointments take?

Most of our appointments are about an hour. A lot of competitors will ask specific questions about show day and what they can expect. We try to help athletes as much as we can. However we do not discuss diet or training out of respect for your coach.

What if I don’t live in Alberta?

We do offer shipping on our website. However if you happen to order the wrong shoes you will be responsible for paying shipping cost back to us.

Do you do rush orders?

Yes we can. However if you are needing something rushed additional charges for shipping will apply.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes we do for any amount. The are available on our website.

Do you give store credit?

Yes if you cancel your show we provide you with store credit for that amount.

Jewelry FAQs

Do you offer custom jewelry styling?

Yes we do. If you send us a picture of your suit we will hand pick some pieces to go with it based on the criteria you’ve given us. We have a huge selection of jewellery available.

How can I care for my jewelry?

Costume Jewellery CAN NOT get wet. It’s best stored in a jewellery box we shipped it in. *Costume Jewellery is not for children. It is not intended for daily use.*

Suit FAQs

When should I order my suit?

We recommend ordering your suit as soon as possible. Suit makers receive many orders and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to rush your suit. Your suit maker will work with you to help you pick the right color, suit connectors and stones for the suit.

What if I can’t decide on the color I want for my suit?

Jewel tones look best on stage. We recommend picking a color you really love. Your suit maker can help you pick the right stones and connectors to help create a suit that you love.

How can I clean my suit?

Your suit maker should provide washing instructions for you. It’s easier to clean your suit immeditely after your show to removee any tan residue. We also have suit cleaning kits which are available for purchase on our website.

Tanning FAQs

What’s the difference between basic and unlimited tanning?

Basic tan is ideal for most competitors. Basic tanning is up to 3 coats of tan. Our Unlimited tan is a good option for competitors who want to shower before prejudging or finals. Once showered we reapply the solution for a fresh tan.

Where can I find your skin prep instructions?

Our website has our skin prep instructions on the athlete resources page.

What can I use to remove my tan?

We highly recommend the LSR product E Rayz it. It helps remove our tan the best. Baking soda and lemon juice to gently scrub off and moisturize well.

How long will the tan last and how can I maintain it?

To prolong your tan don’t scrub; wash gently with a fragrance free moisturizing body wash. Avoid shaving if possible and keep your skin moisturized. Avoid pools as the chlorine can strip the tan. Generally after you rinse your tan can last anywhere fork 5-10 days depending on how you take care of it.

What products do you recommend for skin prep?

We recommend using our LSR Skin Prep Kit. Included in the kit is a ph balance body wash, 4 oz body butter, 4 oz body scrub and an exfoliating mitt.

Are touch ups included?

Yes touch ups are included when you purchase your competition tan with us. We also offer suit glue and glaze back stage for shows we are the official team. When we are not the host tanner we provide our athletes with a small backstage bag which included your suit glue, a small bottle of glaze and gloves. We recommend using our glaze as it’s designed to work with our product.

Are hair and makeup touch ups included?

It is your responsibility to maintain your Tan, Hair and Makeup Applications. We do offer minor touch ups for shows we are the official service providers. That includes regluing/ reapplying lashes, lipstick reapplication, light powder and light hair. Additional charges will apply if you need to have foundation reapplied, hair re-curled, etc. Touch ups are first come first serve. You should go back to the artist that did your initial makeup application or hair styling unless otherwise instructed. If your lashes need to be replaced, we charge an additional $15 for lashes. Touch ups are over at the time specified by us so please do not arrive at this time or you run the risk of not getting touched up for finals.

Are lashes included?

Yes we provide lashes as part of your makeup application.

When should I begin my skin prep?

We recommend at least 2 weeks out from your show.

Show Services FAQs

When do can I expect to receive the show schedule?

Show schedules will be released the Wednesday Prior to the show. They will be emailed to you so please make sure you enter the correct email address when you book your services. Also we do post regularly on our social media. Instagram account is

Do you have room blocks at the hotels you book?

Yes we do. We have a travel agent who works with us and can make those arrangements. Please contact Bev at Tickets to Go

Other FAQs

What is your Return policy?

We accept all forms of payment including cash, debit, credit and email money transfer.

Do you accept deposits or do you require services to be paid in full?

We require payment for services up front at the time of booking.

When is your ambassador search?

Our ambassador search generally takes place every October for the following year. Please keep an eye on our social media and website for information on our search.

Where are you located?

We are located in Alberta. Our home store is in Edmonton. However we do travel to Calgary often.

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